Real time video analysis in your classrom

LabCamera - the webcam based natural science exploration and data logging laboratory for STEM education

LabCamera allows students and teachers to carry out substantial scientific observations and measurements by using our software and a simple everyday webcam. Conducting physics, biology and chemistry experiments with LabCamera - both in the classroom and at home - brings natural science education to a new level.

Track and graph horizontal and vertical movement of objects

Selecting up to 3 different objects to track at the same time, Kinematics shows a real time horizontal or vertical graph that follows the displacement, velocity and acceleration of the tracked objects.

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Explore objects of sizes ranging from microscopic to astronomic

Microscope will render a customizable measurement sheet with your measurement data and image for sharing and presentation. A great tool to learn proportions, sizes, measurement methodology and carry out environmental projects using screenshots from online map applications, such as Google maps.

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You will be amazed how fun motion graphs can be!

Understand graphs through a game-like app that follows your moves. Select a curve, grab your marker, and hit the play button. Graph challenge has game modes for all directions and even rotation. Suitable for all ages during classes involving graphs. Ideal to stir up the lesson by making children move and compete.

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in STEM subjects

Because we wanted to measure the efficiency of our products in schools, our educational partner ELTE University (Eötvös Lóránt Science University in Budapest, Hungary) carried out a feasibility research in a working classroom environment. The outcome of this study conducted on 160 9th grade students from 5 different schools was showing 10-15% improvement in the end results of students.

Besides helping students improve their knowledge in science, this study concludes that our software considerably raises the interest of students with average skills, thus converting part of those uncertain about science subjects into science enthusiasts.

*The full study is available upon request.

Classroom goodies for your LabCamera

Labcamera User's Guide
Printable Marker for Graph Challenge

Marker fot Graph challenge

If you print it in real size, LabCamera will calibrate the game for you automatically.

Sample Lesson for Kinematics module

Forced oscillation and resonance

A car that moves freely on a track is fixed to a frame by two horizontal springs. The frame can be made to oscillate by an engine of variable frequency. The engine is connected to the frame by an eccentrically fixed rod.

This is a sample video for Kinematics module. Hundreds of videos and lesson plans are availalble at

Sample Lesson for Kinematics module

Uniform motion of a bicycle along a straight line

A cyclist moves with approximately uniform speed along a straight line in from of the trees. Red colored T-shirt is ideal, because it enables LabCamera to follow the motion.